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#this is the most disturbingly normal photo of famous people i have ever seen #they look like a bunch of cousins at a book shop #stop ruining the illusion of show business guys #you’re supposed to look famous all of the time

#it’s like the weekly stark day out or something #catelyn has insisted they take this picture because she’s started scrap booking #except theon is in his teen rebellion stage and refuses to look at the camera #robb is being the good eldest son #sansa just likes cameras and arya still has a few years of cute left#then there’s jon snow #just glad to be here
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it’s 2014. how is it so difficult to grasp the idea of feminism? do you think women should be treated and have rights equal to men? proper pay, respect, etc?

then you’re a feminist.

that simple.

like… do people think feminism is a cult where we drink man tears and cut off dicks? i don’t understand.

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What if instead of throwing your pencil stubs away when they´re too short to use, you could plant them, add some water and watch them grow? Meet Sprout, a pencil with a seed! The high quality pencil features a water activated capsule at its tip, when the pencil is too short to use, you can plant it and have it grow into something delicious, beautiful and fun. Sprout comes in a variety of different flavors, from flowers, to herbs and vegies. A great idea to make writing fun again. watch the video

Funded by a successful kickstarter campaign, the Sprout Pencil is now available for purchase at amazon and in Europe at firebox

Yes please!

I need this